I got this tweet on Twitter the other day:

@PhilipCarroll Check out Biosgraphy.."Instagram for Writers" and be part of the evolution of social media: 

I've never been on Instagram. With all the social media choices these days, I usually divide my time between Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. But, what I think Instagram is, is, you take a picture, add a little text and send it from your phone to Instagram. This does something, like, autoposting to Facebook, because I often see pictures of my grandkids on Facebook and it says it was posted to Instagram.

So, I'm going to think laterally at this. Or semi-laterally. If Instagram lets you post pictures to social media "as you take them", then lets you post your writing as you write it. Maybe?

At Biosgraphy the encourage you to get "Your Story" out there. And after two days of spending very little time there, it looks like you tell your story in several different areas which affect out lives. That's wrong. I just went back and looked at the site. When you start a new blog, you start it in one of seven areas, "My Story", "Creations", "Ideas", "Yum", "Travel", "Fab", and "Shout Out".

I've only blogged in one area, so far. I figured I would start with "My Story" and titled my blog, "Who Cares?" It's about me. I mean, there is no one I like to talk about me than myself, but I can't imagine it will be very entertaining or inspiring. But. It will have a very different tone than what I write here, on my, "I'm figuring out how to sell my books" blog. I guess I could put this blog in the "Creations" or "Ideas" blog. But, I would figure that "Creations" would have blogs about wood carving, or actual stories I've written. Idea's then. Maybe I'll see if I cross blog some of my thoughts from this blog there and see if it leads to sales of my books.

Okay. I've decided.

I'm going to blog the "expletive" out of my Biosgraphy site and see if it leads to any book sales. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks. Take a look at it yourself and see what you think. Let me know you're there, and I can follow you. We'll make it look like we're real people. Otherwise, I need to get back to working on my Podcast to give my Patreon followers something to support.