A recap of LDStory Makers Conference 2014

A recap of LDStory Makers Conference 2014

Well. This year wasn't the simply wonderful experience that last year was. It was wonderful, but not simple.

Getting to Layton was a little more complicated by train, than was Provo. Lots of waiting for this and that train. Next year it's back in Provo, so I might go again.

High Points: I met and talked to a lot of people. I am more motivated than ever to get myself self-published. I attended some pretty good classes and met a couple of freelance editors.

Not So High Points: I thought Orson Scott Card was a major let down as a Key Note Speaker. I felt he spent the evening swiping at chips on his shoulders and that he was needlessly harsh about LDS writers and their 'Inspiration', as well as the LDS Church's treatment of their teenage intellectuals. (If you can't shoot hoops or go camping you don't fit in.) No positive solutions, only gripes. I have ordered some of his books on writing before I decide if he's a total jerk.

Low Points: Didn't get the conference room rate. I don't know why. But the hotel was very indifferent about it. I screwed up my train ticket and had to buy a second return trip. I caught something on the train and was sick for the last week.

I have only, just now, gotten back my drive to write.

As soon as I got home, I took my wife to the hospital. I thought she was ok, but the next morning, she went to the ER by ambulance, having seizures. She spent the week at the hospital while I was working my way through whatever illness I had/have, getting little sleep, trying to work, and raise two children with special needs.

So. This morning, I'm back to writing. A quick update to the blog and I'll spend my lunch finishing my out line for Galactic Battlebase: The Knife Cuts Two Ways. I had some great ideas added to the outline while I traveled too and fro on the train, now I need to make them all match and pick up the story where I left off.