The Pariah Podcast, Episode 17: At the Swamp

Keo saw her then—the top of her head, just beyond his platform. He knew her thoughts and worries as clearly as the walnut brown hair of Crystal Spinebeck.

She sat on a log rolled next to his platform for the purpose, her back to him, so she didn't see his approach.

"Crystal," he called in his mind. She spun around and jumped to her feet, as if expecting to find him standing directly behind her. Her round cheeks glowed with sudden excitement and embarrassment. Embarrassed? Keo wondered why she should feel that way.

Her wide eyes considered him from the distance, and he sensed her anxiety and fear.

"Are you waiting for me?" He called out.

She licked her lips and Keo felt her expectation and desire. His mind and body reacted without his intention. His breath came roughly as he understood her need. As he approached, a wave of fear emanated from Crystal so strongly, he shook in response.