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Something else that didn't

Last March I started posting a serialized version of a story I've worked on for years, actually two of them, that are set in the Galactic Battle Base environment. I posted a weekly chapter on They were a new site that 'promised' to bring readers who were interested in following serialized literature.

Long story didn't work for me. After seventeen weeks of posting a chapter each Sunday, I went from having four subscribers to two. I asked for analytics of how many people visited the site, clicked on my chapter descriptions, etc, but was told they wouldn't make that available.

My story, "Trigger Warnings" is about several of the inhabitants of the galactic battle base who suffer from some kind of mental or emotional, even physical, trauma and the mental challenges they have dealing with that. The main character cuts herself, (Non-Suicidal Self Injury - NSSI), and the boy she's falling for was a victim of childhood sexual abuse. (Note: There is no graphic content, but these are mature themes.)

I feel this is an important story and I was hoping to reach new audiences with it.

I've taken it off of Channillo and created another blog on this site where I will post chapters on a mostly weekly basis. The first chapter is up, if you're interested.



Depression, cutting, suicide and writing.

My Galactic Battle Base story I'm writing right now is about a 16 year old girl who cuts herself and her boyfriend who deals drugs and was the victim of childhood sexual abuse. (And a creature who wants to feed off of them.)

My background research is mainly on a Tumblr blog where I follow a lot of depressed teens who cut, have eating disorders, and consider suicide. Everything they post is mostly black with white writing.

Talking with Lisa Carroll Peterson the other day, she pointed out that the Gay Mantra "It gets better" applies to them as well. If they could just make it through the next ten years they will find themselves in a niche of friends, jobs, and activities where they feel accepted for who they are.

I believe what they need to do to feel better about themselves, and thus survive early adulthood, is find a way to serve other people. Sacrificing yourself to help another is the only way to find self esteem.

However, if your problem is co-dependence, have a therapist help you find a way to serve.