Podcasts, Pre-writing and Subway Sandwiches.

The Writing Excuses Podcast this week was about pre-writing. Among other things, they discussed what they do to prepare before they sit down and write.

One author goes to the gym because and important part of preparing his head is taking a hot shower and thinking over his plot, etc. Another takes a long walk to get her head in order.

I have a similarly relaxing ritual to prepare myself for writing.

I sneak out of the office fifteen minutes early to beat the lunch hour rush at Subway. I get my six inch turkey breast on herb and cheese, chips and soda and race back to work. I try to eat as much of the food while driving the mile back, though that is especially difficult on the days when I've ordered a meatball sandwich to change things up. Have you ever tried eating a meatball sandwich while driving? You might as well text about it at the same time. It wouldn't be any more dangerous.

Once back at my desk I inhale my food as quickly as possible to have as much of my lunch break available to get words onto 'paper'. People say 'Don't quit your day job', but it's a catch 22. My quality would definitely go up, but I wouldn't be able to afford to go to Subway for lunch.