Thanks for nothing, Goodreads

Heere's a post I put up on goodreads":

Thanks for Nothing, Goodreads

I recently had a giveaway for my book. I mistakenly thought this would be of some value, even if only slightly.

Nope. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Nothing.

The people who signed up from my giveaway, who didn't win don't get notified after the giveaway ends. So, if they actually considered my book, there was no prompt to go buy the book.

I asked Goodreads why they don't notify the losers after the contest ends.

They said that many of their readers enter so many giveaways that it would be inconvenient to receive so many notices.

Here is my reply.....


Thanks for your reply.

I would think that anyone who enters hundreds of book giveaways per day should expect to receive hundreds of emails telling them they didn't win, inconvenient or not. If they spam giveaway entries, they should expect a spam of replies.

I find it inconvenient as an author to give away books, my time, and the cost of shipping to get nothing more than a passing reference as someone clicks down the list of available giveaways. 

Again, I gave away five (5) books, sent the to the winners, and have had zero (0) benefit. A notice to a person who truly considered my book that they weren't selected as a winner could be a benefit to the person who made the giveaway possible.


Philip Carroll, Author.