The Pariah Podcast, Episode 2 - A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

"Keo,” his mother shouted from the kitchen. “Shelby Lacoore brought something by for you."

On the back porch, Keo stood above a large wool blanket spread across the boards of the veranda and examined his work from above.

On it lay three linen under tunics, three dark green pairs of woolen hose, a black wool tunic, a wool cloak and a waxed linen over-cloak with hood. Beside the clothes were few objects; a candle stub, flint and tinder box, a dozen sheets of writing paper in a thin leather folio, a pen with three nibs and two small bottles; one empty, the other corked and filled with ink powder. 

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 1 - Boy Meets Girl




Keo Noshahne climbed into the apple box to retrieve the last of the fruit nestled in the corners—an advantage of being only five years old. Four men had drug the box from a wagon only an hour before, heaped with glistening red and green fruit. Leaning out of the box, sorting the last of the fruit into barrels, Keo thought he had shown his older brothers and sister that he could work as hard as they did.

A momentary shadow darkened the apple box and sorting barrels, a shadow which would follow Keo the rest of his life.

The Pariah, Episode 0

Introduction to the podcast, "The Pariah".

The Kingdom of The Midlands has a natural resource unlike any other in the known world. Other kingdoms would kill to control it. Far out on the high plain which comprises most of the kingdom the great Midland's Swamp produces eggs of unusual hybrid creatures. Eggs which only specially empathic youths will be able to find.

Since a small child, Keo Noshahne has known he will be one of the exclusive creature handlers with abilities the world has never seen before.

Follow 15 year old Keo as he leaves the security of the Swamp Hills and enters the wider world of power and intrigue, on the path which will lead him to eventually become, "The Pariah".