The Pariah Podcast, Episode 15: A Change in the Weather

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 15: A Change in the Weather

As the summer solstice approached the weather turned warmer. The uniform wool tunics with their high stiff collars became unbearable to wear. When Keo thought they would begin to lose trainees to heat sickness they were informed they would be receiving their summer uniforms. The company looked like a completely new group of young people as they put their winter uniforms into wooden lockers with mothballs.

Crisp tan linen tunics replaced the sagging red, woolen ones and cool linen leggings replaced the hot and scratchy winter hose. Keo felt like he was back home at a summer solstice dance—when all the young girls showed up in their prettiest skirts and fresh linen blouses. He couldn't wait to see how Crystal looked in her new uniform.

He wasn't disappointed, either. The tan tunic was a much better contrast to her pale skin tones than the red wool had been, and the tucks in the blouse accentuated her petite female form.

Keo thought the rotting fraternization rules would probably kill him. They had already lost two from their company to remedial training, though other companies had lost more. How were young people supposed to live under such rules? Others their age, back in their homes, were dancing, holding hands under the moonlight and some were even marrying. But here, they were expected to live side by side, work side by side, but not develop any kind of emotional ties? Maybe after he got his tiger-hawk he would understand better.

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 14: A Joke Between Friends

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 14: A Joke Between Friends

Of all the classes each core would attend over the next year, Keo’s core began with Creature Empathy, and he couldn’t have been happier. Creature identification and differentiation, creature health and food preferences would all come later in the year. Right then, by learning more about how the special empathetic bond occurs and develops between a creature and its handler, he hoped he would better understand why he was so different than all the other trainees and had come upon his empathic skills at such a young age.

The core virtually buzzed with excitement on the first morning of the specialized training. A whole week of nothing but military drill and physical exercise had become tedious at best. The trainees whispered among themselves as they waited for their instructor. Keo knew Lt. Gorley would be apoplectic if he heard the slightest noise from them inside a classroom but allowing the others to vent some of their energy seemed like it was worth the risk.

Animal stalls surrounded the wooden class building with the only windows opening directly into the pens. The wind passing through filled the room with the rich musk of living creatures. While some of the students complained and pinched their noses, Keo felt pleasantly nostalgic for his faraway home with its barns and fields. 

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 13: The New Camp

Five days march brought the battalion to a junction on the northern highway. One day marching south led them to the borders of the Creature Handler Training Camp.

The entire battalion travelled in a malaise from the events and court-martial. Competition remained between the cores, but at a less enthusiastic level, until they saw the camp rising up on the horizon. Excitement for becoming their King’s and Country's elite fighting force returned.

The camp must have spotted their approach as well.

Ten ticks of flying creatures—100 animals and their handlers—flew out from the camp, circled the entire parade three times and turned back. The leading tick was, of course, Tiger-hawks. Following shortly thereafter was a tick of dragon-dogs with broad leathery wings, long necks, and the blunt heads of bull mastiffs. A tick of bat-chucks followed, with black, velvet wings and round, furry bodies. Like the Bat-Chucks, Cat hawks were smaller than the tiger hawks, more maneuverable, and in the case of the cats, uniformly silver-tabby colored.

More ticks followed made up of similar creatures, yet probably with less experienced flyers. Even with all the studying he had done during long winters, Keo didn’t recognize some of the animals, their winged bodies carrying the head or tail of an exotic, unfamiliar animal.

There would be more creatures and handlers in the camp—the newly hatched and other land bound animals.

The quartermaster called a halt for lunch at the normal hour. Such an uproar rose from the battalion, with the camp in sight and only a few hours away, that Major Jarrellian gave them permission to eat from their emergency rations, take a short break, and return to the parade to push on to camp.

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 12: A Fox in the Hen House

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 12: A Fox in the Hen House


He recognized the voice and it sounded concerned.

"Bree? What's the problem?"

"Gilner Panderstash didn't follow protocol and went to…you know. He didn't take a companion. Vaard, the perimeter guard, heard a noise and found him. He's not moving, and Vaard thought he saw blood."

"Have someone bring some water and a rag and take me to him," Keo said, rolling out of his blanket and pulling on his boots. Outside his tent he twisted open the door of his lantern, blew onto the wick, and poured in more oil.

Bree hurried back with one of her link members and stood at the edge of the lantern light.

She led Keo to the fallen boy. They found him on the far edge of their camp with nothing but open countryside beyond. He lay face down in the dewy, spring grass.

"Help me roll him over. Careful of his neck and head."

The boy who had brought the bucket, Bree, and the girl who had waited with Gilner, helped Keo roll their unconscious core member over.

"Is he dead?" The girl asked.

"I don't think so. Here. Hold this lantern close to his face,” Keo said handing her his lantern.

In the weak light, Keo only saw half of the boy's face. That side glimmered, wet and red with blood. Gilner squinted and his cheek twitched when the light shone on his face.

"Give me the wet rag."

The boy dipped it into the bucket and handed it to Keo, water dripping into the ankle-high grass. Keo wiped it across Gilner's face, wetting his hair and pushing it back over the boy's head. He carefully tipped the boy's head from side to side and found a deep cut over his left ear.

"Here. Wet it again," Keo said handing the rag back.

He washed clotted blood and debris from Giner's hair and brought the lantern in close again. The gash in his scalp was jagged and uneven.

"I think someone clobbered him with a rock," Keo said, looking up at the sky. "The cut’s not bleeding, so it must have happened a while ago. It figures they'd hit us when we’re deepest asleep. We need two more pairs of hands to get him to the healer's wagon. Get someone big, Bree."

She stood, looked around and charged through the tents.

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 11: An Audience with the King

The Pariah, Episode 11 – An Audience with the King.



Nit closed his eyes and waited for the dry burn to ease. His hand remained poised above the sand tray, the stylus pinched delicately between finger tips.

"Nit. Wake up," Funglass barked at him and rushed across the creaking floorboards, his arthritic knees snapping and popping as loudly as the wood plank floor. "If I've told you a thousand time to remain alert when scribing the runes, then I must tell you a thousand times again, the slightest mistake can generate the greatest catastrophe."

Nit opened his eyes and looked up at the man leaning over him with crazed bloodshot eyes and a madman's spittle formed on his lips. He inhaled a calming breath, blinked his eyes once and said to his master, "And if I've told you a thousand times that the sage-wax candle dries my eyes I would be far from exaggerating."

The old man inflated like a toad, standing more erect with each breath as he added energy to his impending rant. Nit quickly drew "Wool Cloak" in the upper left corner of the sand tray in case his mentor became too agitated to control himself. The protective rune would prevent Funglass from so much as dropping a hair onto Nit's person.

"Relax, Old Man," Nit said in an affectionate, yet dismissive tone, "I've told you equally many times that I am instantly alert and aware of the stylus and the sand tray anytime I take the wooden piece in my hand."

"I don't like how you speak to me. I am your mentor. I have raised you, paid for your training, and could still sell you to the slave masters if you anger me too much," he said and dragged a stool closer to Nit's desk, settling on it with a wheeze like a bellows.

"I will be twelve tomorrow," Nit said, unable to keep defiance from his voice. "I will be old enough to apprentice myself to a master and you will be able to do nothing about it. With my skill at writing there isn't a scribe or accountant in the entire capitol who wouldn't apprentice me."

Nit slid the stylus into a velvet tube and folded his arms.

"And that would be the biggest waste of arcane talent our world would ever see," Funglass mumbled, pressing a closed fist to his lips. He tapped his knuckle rapidly against his lips and said, "Never mind that. We have a new task ahead of us in the morning. One you have been preparing for these many years."

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 10: Waking Up With a Bump.

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 10: Waking Up With a Bump.

Having earned a few extra minutes from being first to lunch, Keo’s core relaxed in their camp. Keo called Trainees Oakley and Beecham to his tent and waited outside to speak with them.

"I told you earlier that we have twelve girls in our company. I think it's only fair that we have a link leader to represent them. Not that the girls will all be in one link, they'll be spread evenly between the links, but to have one in the leadership might help with issues you girls have that boys might not understand."

Keo waited a moment for questions, and continued, "You were watching all the girls today when they got their uniforms. Is there anyone you saw who might make a good link leader?"

"Oh. Well," Trainee Oakley said. "That's quite a responsibility to put on us. Identify a link leader from the girls. I don't know. Let me consider. Well, that's a tough one..."

She went on saying similar phrases as she scratched her frizzy orange mop and shook her head. "Really. I think, of all the girls I saw I would think Beecham here is about the best leader I saw of them all."

The other girl was shocked and said, 'Oh. Be serious. The only girl in there worth having as a leader is you."

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 9 - In Training

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 9 - In Training

Two and a half before midnight, Keo opened the door to a small windowless room; his candle shed weak light on an empty bed to the right. As quietly as he could, he slipped into the room, not wanting to disturb the boy already sleeping in the bed opposite. He set the candle on a small table beside the head of the bed, wide enough to fill the small space between the two. An extinguished candle on the far edge sat next to a tinderbox and striker. The sleeping boy faced the wall. Covered to his neck by a blanket Keo saw only the ghostly glow of white blonde hair, cut short and standing straight up like the down of a dandy lion.

Keo slipped off his boots, tunic and hose and climbed into bed.

"You better not snore," the other boy said.

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 8 - At The Black Mastiff

“Who is Sindestra?” Keo asked as he followed Moordan up the stairs to their room.

“Hmmm? Oh. Yes,” Moordan muttered. “I forgot you’re not familiar with the political machinations of the designates. She was a designate a few years back who attached herself to the king to try and gain position. It’s not important. The insult was for Kayleen and not for you.”

Once in their room, Keo took a deep breath, coughed and rubbed his nose. He lifted a pin in the window frame, turned the panel ninety degrees and went to their small fireplace and opened the flue, allowing fresher air to flow into the room.

"Why'd you do that?" Moorden asked.

"Because it's hot in here," Keo said. “Why do you ask?”

Moorden just shook his head and muttered something about servants.

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 7 - A New Understanding

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 7 - A New Understanding

Three men already occupied the way-hut. In the light of a single lantern sitting on the stone oven, one of the men was clearly dead. Blood oozed from a slice across his neck and his sightless eyes stared up at shadows dancing on the ceiling as the other two dug through his pockets.

Keo had entered the hut first and consequently stood between the murderer and his knife. Moorden crowding into the room behind, pushed him toward the two men. Fortunately, the thieves were as surprised as were the two boys.

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 6 - A View From the West

Property values in Port Bannard follow the lay of the land and climb up the capitol city slopes to the gates of the royal palace. Constructed of golden granite, imported from kingdoms to the south, the palace stands, broad and monolithic to face the setting sun as it sinks into the ocean. Smaller palaces and manors crouch in its morning shadow, also gazing onto the ocean, the source of much of the kingdom's wealth.

Traveling north, descending the increasingly narrow streets the city deteriorates, eventually, into slums. Hovels built upon stilts and pilings above the perpetually wet salt marshes seem to rot and crumble even before they are completed, and are thus in a continuous state of patching and repair. However, it is the lowland marshes which inspire Westener magic and give the coastal witches their true power.

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 5 - Unwanted Company

He wants to travel with me? Keo thought.

"No thanks. I like my solitude," Keo said. He wasn't hungry but he picked at the crust of his bread and scooped up peas with it and ate them together.

"I do too, but I'll make that sacrifice. I've been sitting with dullards for the last ten days. Walking with you couldn't be any worse."

"I don't walk. I run." Keo thought it was a good comeback at first, and then realized it left him as no worse than the other dullards. Keo was annoyed this boy treated him like a servant, and assumed Keo would do whatever he said.

"And if the choice is between riding with dullards and walking with one, why are you choosing to walk, now? Is it getting too crowded on the wagon?"

"Yes. Or rather, no. The wagon is turning south to loop off the highway and pass through numerous small villages in the southern forest. It will take another two weeks for the wagon to reach Hander's Peak. At your pace, I will be there in half that time."

“That’s my pace. You think you can keep up?” Keo asked.

“Sure,” Moordan said.

Keo wanted to wipe the dismissive look from the condescending boy’s face.

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 4 - Relationships

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 4 - Relationships

Keo watched from the corner of his eye. Moordan seemed unaffected by his jab and only scowled at his bowl, wiping it with the hem of his sleeve.

Fierra introduced the two new boys who took to Keo quickly when they could see he was cut closer to their own weave of material than to Moordan's. Soon all at the table but Moordan were laughing as they each shared antics or adventures from their homes.

Ardle, the taller of the two new boys, said to Keo, "Moordan said you think you're going to be a creature handler."

There was challenge in the boy's voice, though there was also an edge of wistfulness that said, he wished he would, too.

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 3 - New Friends

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 3 - New Friends

The Southern Highway brought Keo no new challenges in the first few days of his journey. Paved with square, kiln-fired bricks, the road undulated slowly downhill toward the Capital more than two-hundred miles to the west. The only traffic sharing the road were the occasional coal wagons rumbling to the east. From short conversations with the drivers he learned they headed to the Southern Draw, hoping to find it free of snow, trying to be first to collect coal mined during the snowbound month’s winter. 

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The Pariah Podcast, Episode 2 - A Beautiful Day for a Stroll

"Keo,” his mother shouted from the kitchen. “Shelby Lacoore brought something by for you."

On the back porch, Keo stood above a large wool blanket spread across the boards of the veranda and examined his work from above.

On it lay three linen under tunics, three dark green pairs of woolen hose, a black wool tunic, a wool cloak and a waxed linen over-cloak with hood. Beside the clothes were few objects; a candle stub, flint and tinder box, a dozen sheets of writing paper in a thin leather folio, a pen with three nibs and two small bottles; one empty, the other corked and filled with ink powder. 

The Pariah Podcast, Episode 1 - Boy Meets Girl




Keo Noshahne climbed into the apple box to retrieve the last of the fruit nestled in the corners—an advantage of being only five years old. Four men had drug the box from a wagon only an hour before, heaped with glistening red and green fruit. Leaning out of the box, sorting the last of the fruit into barrels, Keo thought he had shown his older brothers and sister that he could work as hard as they did.

A momentary shadow darkened the apple box and sorting barrels, a shadow which would follow Keo the rest of his life.

The Pariah, Episode 0

Introduction to the podcast, "The Pariah".

The Kingdom of The Midlands has a natural resource unlike any other in the known world. Other kingdoms would kill to control it. Far out on the high plain which comprises most of the kingdom the great Midland's Swamp produces eggs of unusual hybrid creatures. Eggs which only specially empathic youths will be able to find.

Since a small child, Keo Noshahne has known he will be one of the exclusive creature handlers with abilities the world has never seen before.

Follow 15 year old Keo as he leaves the security of the Swamp Hills and enters the wider world of power and intrigue, on the path which will lead him to eventually become, "The Pariah".